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Carbon Negative products are the proposed immediate representation to Climate friendly products. We have learnt through research and tangible evidence that Carbon in the form of predominant Carbon dioxide (C02) and other combinations such as Methane (CH4) is one major contributor to Global Warming and thereby to Climate Change. If products (goods and services) put tons of Carbon to the air (atmosphere), then a very effective solution would be to develop Products that can absorb or reverse the Carbon that is in the air (atmospheric Carbon) whilst being used.

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Carbon Negative
What is Carbon Negative?

The fact of reversing the Carbon from the air is what leads to the term “Carbon Negative”. Since Carbon Dioxide (C02) is the most predominant form of Carbon in the air C02 is intrinsically associated with any “Carbon Negative” effort. Also since there is further consensus that all other Greenhouse Gasses that have potential to warm the planet are also represented as a unit of C02 equivalents, we have broaden the term “Carbon Negative” to the reversal of all gasses that contribute to Global Warming. Hence the term “Carbon Negative” is actually the reversal of atmospheric Carbon Dioxide (C02) and all Carbon Dioxide Equivalents (C02e) of other gasses with Global Warming Potential (GWP). In this context the holistic effort is Negative Global Warming, however since Carbon is now more synonymous with Global Warming we remain with the term “Carbon Negative”

What is a Carbon Negative Product?
When “Carbon Negative” (the effect of reversing C02 and or its equivalents by GWP) is directly reflected to a Product ( a good or a service), we derive the term “Carbon Negative Product”.

These Products when taken by their entire Product-Life Cycle (Manufacture – use – dispose) should demonstrate that the total emissions and its GWP should have a net Negative effect. i.e. the net release of C02 and C02 equivalents caused by that Product is Negative or beyond being neutral.

Pseudo Carbon Negative
Carbon offsetting all though an appreciated effort, is the most common practice when considering what is called the Carbon foot print of a Country or a situation and in this case a Product. Carbon foot print is the representation of a given situation on its emissions and their potential to Global Warming represented as a unit of Carbon Dioxide Equivalents (C02e).

Offsetting was primarily practiced where a certain amount of emissions were said to have been set off by procuring what is called Carbon Credits. i.e. trading off potential clean air or credits that have been derived off an indirect mechanism. The problem here is that the situation or Product in question continues to emit harmful Greenhouse Gasses! It would be still better if the situation or Product could be re-engineered so that its very existence promotes “Carbon Negative”. This we classify as True and or Direct Carbon Negative Products.


A Direct Carbon Negative Product.
A direct or true Carbon Negative Product is a Product that promotes the reversal of atmospheric Greenhouse Gasses by its very existence including its Product realization.

A true and direct Carbon Negative Product is,

Do Direct Carbon Negative Products really exist?
Yes they have been Created!

Significent benefit of direct Carbon Negative Products
The mitigation of Global Warming is in two charters. i.e. 1) Reduction of emitting harmful Greenhouse Gasses to the atmosphere, 2) Reversing of Greenhouse Gasses already released to the atmosphere.If we promote true and direct Carbon Negative Products, primarily it will help reverse the atmospheric Greenhouse Gasses and secondly by being a substitute to an existing otherwise Carbon positive product it will help to mitigate any further release of Greenhouse Gasses as well. So it is a win win situation

The first direct Carbon Negative Product
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